Privacy Screens

A smart and easy way to block a view.

Commonly used to eliminate sightlines between urinals.
A low-cost option to eliminate a wide variety of sightline issues.
Material choices include wood veneer, solid surface, stone, phenolic, plastic laminate, and solid plastic.

At Giovani Glass wall hung or post supported styles are available.

Privacy Screens
Design Details
Privacy screens are a low-cost means of eliminating unwanted sightlines. A common application of privacy screens is between urinals, but they may be a good design choice in other situations as well. For example, a screen can be used to eliminate sightlines created when a restroom door is open. Other applications include pool shower screens or privacy partitions in locker-rooms.

Screen material choices, such as wood veneer or stone or safety laminated glass, can dramatically change a screen’s contributions to the overall feel of a room. 

Other design options include louvered screens or molding accents.

Privacy screens can be configured as wall hung (up to 24" wide) or post supported. Wall hung screens are the most common choice, providing a clean, simple look and unobstructed floor access. Post supported screens add a brace to strengthen the screen against side impact.

Hardware options include Flexi-Mount™ screen brackets for wall hung screens. These allow the panel to flex instead of putting stress on the wall and brackets, which reduces wall damage. Continuous brackets are another option to improve the durability of a screen.

Glass partition walls are a series of individual toughened glass panels. Dividing space using glass are both functional and aesthetic as the modular design opens up a wide range of possibilities from a single space.

One of the most widely use of glass, glass partitions can be custom cut to any sizes with creative designs possibilities that are limitless and a variety of finishes can be onto the glass panels.

From the single toilet cubicle to shower screens, partition walls, room divider screen, partitioning off office space, sectioning off restaurant, meeting rooms and many more with a seamless and spacious look to any space.

Glass Thickness & Type:

·         3/8" - Obscured

·         1/2" - Obscured