Home glass shower: proper operation and maintenance

A glass shower cabin is a great alternative to a bathtub in conditions of lack of space or, on the contrary, an excellent addition to it, if there is a lot of space. The glass shower brings only joy and delivers as little trouble as possible, but it is important to know a few basic rules for its maintenance at home.
The main issue of operating a home glass shower is, of course, to provide protection against leakage. In order for such protection to be as high as possible, first of all, it is necessary to use a special transparent silicone sealant between the glass and the floor or the shower tray: it will reliably protect the joint from water leakage and help keep the floor outside the cabin dry and clean.

The second important point in this matter is the proper use of shower equipment. For example, you should not intentionally direct water jets directly to the walls and doors of the shower cabin, because even if there are special seals in the cabin, the cabin is not 100% tight at the attachment points for hinges and other fittings, and water that has got here can leak out.
Finally, another important nuance of protecting the glass shower from leaking is a timely replacement of consumables, because water can flow out of the cabin through a worn sealer, a "leaky" layer of sealant or "loose" loops.

If all precautions to protect the cabin from leakage are taken, it will work properly. For example, the main measures for the care of a home glass shower cabin include only regular cleaning of glass and accessories from hygiene, lime deposits or other contaminants.
But you should not use abrasive cleansers.
When properly handled, the glass shower will work extremely long, delighting with the brilliance of transparent faces and the shine of metal elements. It remains only to choose the right cabin for your bathroom and find a reliable manufacturer.

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