Monday, July 29, 2019

Bath or shower: features of the arrangement of a small bathroom

For homeowners of small areas, the choice of furnishings is most relevant. Especially when it comes to decorating the bathroom space. One of the problems is the installation of a bath or shower. What to choose? In each case, the answer will vary. But the general principles of choice, nevertheless, is.
If you are used to taking a bath, not only for hygiene, but also for relaxation - the question of choice is resolved by itself. Even in the smallest room you can buy a compact corner bath and get what you want - a place to relax and unwind. If the purpose of the acquisition is the most correct organization of the space, and the thought of a bubble bath does not cause spiritual trembling - the purchase of a shower will be the right decision. Moreover, the advantages of this option are many.
Shower - a quick and comfortable way to carry out the necessary daily hygiene procedures and freshen up in the morning or after a difficult day at work. In recent years, a shower stall is considered the most profitable acquisition for small bathrooms. The reasons are simple.

Savings in all

Installing a shower is a cost effective solution. Moreover, the owner saves not only the space in the bathroom, but also money for utilities. As practice shows, the figures in the monthly payments for water are halved compared with the amounts when using the bath.

Shower cubicle can be installed in any part of the bathroom. If necessary, it is not difficult to buy a corner shower and, thereby, free up a maximum of space in the room. The laconism of the forms is completely brightened up by the design features of the booths. Even the simplest and most modest shower can decorate the bathroom.
Glass showers can be made of transparent or frosted glass, be colored or classic shade. With the help of sandblasting technology, drawings are applied to the walls that perform not only an aesthetic role, but also partially cover the inside of the cabin. For a unique design effect, you can order a booth with a combination of wall colors, combining dark and light colors.

Modern glass showers are light and concise. They do not contain bulky unnecessary elements and easily fit into any interior. They are made of tempered glass and aluminum profiles, complemented by beautiful fittings, hinged or sliding doors. The possible variants of execution can be found here.

Universal choice

A variety of shapes, sizes, execution of shower cabins gives a confident right to call this piece of furniture a universal solution. If a certain area is required to accommodate a bath, the shower can be installed in any part of it. Yes, and functionally presented positions today are very different from one another, opening up huge opportunities for consumers. The product range of famous brands - cabins with sensory soap dispensers, the ability to adjust the pressure, feed rate and water temperature, built-in music systems, etc.

Hygienic: easy care

In the production of modern shower cabins, manufacturers use only highly environmentally friendly materials that do not pose a threat to human health. And the shape of the booths itself is arranged in such a way that the pollution does not linger either on the walls or in the shower tray, draining along with water into the drainage channels, which are not difficult to clean. Care of the most modern bathroom will cause much more difficulties.

Simplicity and conciseness of details

Today in the trend - minimalism. And the creators of showers are increasingly adhering to this very principle when developing their products. Now it is easy to find booths with hidden drainage channels on the market that do not require the use of a pallet. Such devices look stylish, easy to operate, allow to visually expand the space of the bathroom. Moreover, the drainage channel can be made of a variety of materials - glittering steel, stone of different texture.
The choice of an inconspicuous sink is a practical solution for those consumers who seek to create a harmonious bathroom design. At first glance, it is almost impossible to notice such a drain if you don’t know where to look. The drainage channel in its outer part may be represented by a thin slit or be made dot.
With a huge variety of choices of modern showers, it is difficult to make the final decision. Models with hydromassage, rain shower, music, touch controls - really easy to get lost. When choosing between a shower cabin and a bathroom, the main thing to decide initially is what the device will be used for and how. And only on the basis of the purchase goals, to give preference to one or another variant of sanitary equipment.
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