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Make it really personal with Shower doors nyc to measure for your shower enclosure.  Whether you have an awkward or unusual space or you want to make an impressive style statement the options are endless.  Create your own unique showering space.  Select from a choice of wall and ceiling fixings, add a towel bar for that final touch of luxury or incorporate a dwarf wall into your design, the choice is yours. provides a home measure and installation service to ensure your enclosure is a perfect fit and everything runs smoothly from the initial planning stages through to installation in your home.

Home Measure and Installation Service

You don’t live in a standard world, so why have a standard enclosure? we can tailor one of our many door and panel options to suit your individual requirements, providing unlimited design possibilities to enhance your bathroom. We create the perfect showering area to suit almost any available space. Our doors are made to specify an angle or notch to fit a sloping ceiling or bathroom furniture.
The two objectives of the Home Measure are to help you create the shower of your dreams with a realistic appraisal of the installation and to spot any potential pitfalls up front. Our engineer will be looking for out of true walls and varying slopes (including unlevel trays and floors). They will check that the choice and position of any door or panels is suitable in relation to the whole bathroom layout and that the handing of the door and panel is right for the application.

The Home Measure service can only be undertaken after tiling is complete and the tray is installed level.

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