Sunday, March 10, 2019


The glass itself is a very beautiful and unusual material. Therefore, even the most simple glass doors for a shower will be much more practical and more attractive than plastic, wood or metal. Usability can be assessed by the design of glass showers, the practicality of glass is difficult to overestimate

• Mineral glass, even after a hundred years, will retain its original shape and transparency. Shower doors on a polymer base, plastic or wooden, due to hot water and regular use of detergents are deformed and become unusable;
• Due to technological features, the shower room is always settled in a separate space, the glass door allows you to add daylight, thereby eliminating unsafe lamps in a humid environment;
• A flat glass door surface provides high protection against splashes. Curtain or screen of translucent polyethylene can hardly cope with this task.

IMPORTANT! The glass door is an absolutely inert material, pathogenic microflora cannot live on its surface. Even if you use sanitary products daily, there will not be any noticeable change in the appearance of the glass door after a couple of years.
The glass has its drawbacks. Transparent glass door designs are an excellent indicator of cleanliness and order in the shower. Drops of hot water and condensate film, drying out, leave traces on a transparent surface. Any water in the water pipeline carries a certain amount of dissolved salts, leaving marks on the glass. Therefore, a completely transparent glass door to the shower will require treatment with special compounds that prevent wetting and sticking of water droplets to the glass.
Sometimes the surface of the glass is sealed with an anti-wetting polymer film, which guarantees a long-lasting purity effect for several months. In addition, it is believed that the film increases the level of safety of handling glass, when breaking the glass surface there will be no sharp fragments.

Giovani Glass will satisfy the most sophisticated taste. We will produce a shower glass door of your dream.

Monday, February 25, 2019

The advantages of interior glass doors

1. Aesthetics.
During repair, there comes a stage when it is necessary to buy interior doors but choosing the appropriate option is not so easy. There are lots of standard models in stores that do not perform any aesthetic functions. But the glass doors are known for their spectacular appearance, and the huge possibilities in terms of decor will allow you to realize the most creative solutions.

2.  Effective zoning.
Look at the photo of interior doors made of glass: they seem so light, airy, weightless. Visual expansion of the space is one of the most important advantages of such doors. They do not provide successful zoning, but do it as efficiently as possible, expanding it.
3. Reliability.
Although the glass doors look fragile, they are made of laminated tempered glass. They are not afraid of any children's ball games, pets, or impacts. Even in rare cases, when the door is broken it falls apart into rounded fragments. They are not harmful to your health.
4. Durability.
The doors are resistant to physical stress, humidity, a sharp temperature drop. 
5. Easy of care.
Armed with any means for cleaning glass and a soft cloth, you will return the doors to their original look in a minute. Fingerprints and other contaminants will be removed with one hand movement.

6. Environmental friendliness.
The glass is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material. Therefore, glass doors can be installed in children's rooms, saunas, bathrooms, beauty treatments, and medical centers.
Some other advantages of interior glass doors:

• Visual lightness in the interior
• Better illumination of both rooms
• Easy care
• Excellent inconspicuous noise insulation
• Durable and reliable.
Today, technologies allow decorating doors as you wish. Even by simple sandblasting designers of Giovani Glass can create a variety of amazing and organic designs, from the most classic to high- tech options.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Features of glass shower doors installation and the choice of accessories

A swing mechanism requires a very simple installation. The main thing is - not to tighten screws severely as this can lead to cracks. The installation of sliding doors is more complicated and includes several stages:
installation of a roller mechanism at the top;
installation of lower rollers;
installation of the sealant along the perimeter of the door;
installation of doors on rollers;
installation of restraints at the bottom and stoppers of the roller mechanism.

Before installing doors on rollers, you need to check their integrity and quality of sealants. Neglect can lead to water leakage and vapor penetration into the room. Typically, sealants serve properly for a year, then they lose elasticity and get covered with cracks.
The choice of accessories is a final, but equally important step in installing a glass door for a bath or shower. One of the main elements is the loop. They must correspond to the intended load, be made of durable metal and covered with anti-corrosion agent. In this respect, chrome, brass, nickel, bronze and steel hinges are suitable.

The choice of shower door handles is quite diverse. They may look like handles-staples, handle - knobs or handle-plates. Door handles can be simple or patterned. They are installed only on the outside or on both sides, fastened with screws with special rubber washers.
Angled, linear and high-rise connectors give the shower cabin an attractive look and provide tight joints. The size of the connector angle corresponds to the corners of the construction. This value can be equal to a 90 ° straight angle or be of a higher value.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Types And Advantages Of Glass Shower Partitions

Types And Advantages Of Glass Shower Partitions
Glass shower partitions can be found in almost every modern bathroom. Such bathroom element, as a rule, is used for several purposes: 1) to divide the room into several parts; 2) for the arrangement of a stationary shower cabin.

7 main advantages of glass shower partitions:
1. Attractive appearance.
2. Security.
3. Environmentally friendly.
4. Durability.
5. Functionality.
6. Easy care.
7. Reliability.
Shower partitions are a must detail of the bathroom interior, as it is very convenient, safe for taking water procedures. The bathroom with glass elements looks very stylish and fashionable and the area of ​​the room visually becomes larger. If you always want to comfortably take a shower and design the bathroom in the best style, then glass shower partitions are the best decision that you will not regret about.

Production of glass partitions is a responsible and complicated technological process that requires special skills. Only experienced specialists will be able to create high-quality and durable products using exceptionally clean raw materials and proven technologies.
Partitions should be made of high-strength tempered glass, then they will have absolute safety and long service life. The tempered glass construction is resistant to scratches, will not become dull and is quite safe in case of breakage.
Glass shower partitions can vary in shape, size, design, type of material used. According to the type of material, they can be from thin-sheet material (framed and frameless) and from glass blocks. They can also be transparent, matte and tinted. They can be equipped with swing or sliding doors.
You can create a unique design with sandblast or laser pattern method. Such an element will make the bathroom stylish, beautiful and original.
Qualified employees of Giovani Glass will help equip your bathroom quickly and competently.

Friday, September 2, 2016


Privacy Screens

A smart and easy way to block a view.

Commonly used to eliminate sightlines between urinals.
A low-cost option to eliminate a wide variety of sightline issues.
Material choices include wood veneer, solid surface, stone, phenolic, plastic laminate, and solid plastic.

At Giovani Glass wall hung or post supported styles are available.

Privacy Screens
Design Details
Privacy screens are a low-cost means of eliminating unwanted sightlines. A common application of privacy screens is between urinals, but they may be a good design choice in other situations as well. For example, a screen can be used to eliminate sightlines created when a restroom door is open. Other applications include pool shower screens or privacy partitions in locker-rooms.

Screen material choices, such as wood veneer or stone or safety laminated glass, can dramatically change a screen’s contributions to the overall feel of a room. 

Other design options include louvered screens or molding accents.

Privacy screens can be configured as wall hung (up to 24" wide) or post supported. Wall hung screens are the most common choice, providing a clean, simple look and unobstructed floor access. Post supported screens add a brace to strengthen the screen against side impact.

Hardware options include Flexi-Mount™ screen brackets for wall hung screens. These allow the panel to flex instead of putting stress on the wall and brackets, which reduces wall damage. Continuous brackets are another option to improve the durability of a screen.

Glass partition walls are a series of individual toughened glass panels. Dividing space using glass are both functional and aesthetic as the modular design opens up a wide range of possibilities from a single space.

One of the most widely use of glass, glass partitions can be custom cut to any sizes with creative designs possibilities that are limitless and a variety of finishes can be onto the glass panels.

From the single toilet cubicle to shower screens, partition walls, room divider screen, partitioning off office space, sectioning off restaurant, meeting rooms and many more with a seamless and spacious look to any space.

Glass Thickness & Type:

·         3/8" - Obscured

·         1/2" - Obscured



Glass Toilet  are the latest trends in washroom interiors.

By combining the integrated system of specially designed stainless steel headrails and fixing systems with the 5+5mm laminated safety glass, GLASS TOILET  is not only subtle, it also creates an airy ambience in the washroom without compromising privacy.

The surface is  hygienic and easy to clean, and if exposed to heat or flame, does not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

An ideal concept for architects and designers, GLASS TOILET and WASHROOM  stunning look makes it the perfect choice for exclusive hotels, health clubs, select restaurants and boutique establishments.

Glass Thickness & Type:

·         3/8" - Obscured
·         1/2" - Obscured

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