Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ideas for glass shower doors

Glass doors for a shower - the excellent decision both for small, and for big bathrooms. Glass is a practical material that does not deteriorate from exposure to moisture and temperature, it is easy to take care of. Shower doors made of glass will make the interior brighter, visually wider and more voluminous. With their help, you can realize your most daring design ideas. We have prepared options for your glass shower doors:

The first idea is sliding glass doors for a shower.
Sliding doors and compartment doors familiar to us with a sliding mechanism that functions due to the installation of rollers. This type of door is ideal for small rooms. This mechanism is very convenient for years of use.
glass shower doors
glass shower doors

The second idea is hinged glass doors.
Oar glass doors are installed in any shower cubicle, be it a small niche in the bathroom or a special design with a tray. A similar option of glass doors for a shower in a niche is ideal for a large bathroom. They open in a classic way on pivoting hinges.
glass shower doors
glass shower doors

The third idea is folding shower doors.
Folding shower doors - are a construction from a metal profile and glass in the form of an accordion screen. Separate parts of the shower enclosure are fastened together by a swivel axis. Design features make these glass doors as small as possible.
glass shower doors
glass shower doors

Doors for a shower from glass can have high decorative effect. The technology of their production has gone a long way, so today not only simple transparent glass can be used in the design of a shower cabin. He was replaced by frosted, painted, processed for special methods shower doors. It is possible to order a corrugated, embossed, with a varying degree of shading and color saturation glass door. Shower corner in this design will be the highlight of the bathroom interior.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Frameless shower doors are quickly becoming the new trend

Frameless shower doors
Frameless shower doors
Frameless glass shower doors are becoming more and more popular. They are considered the main trend of plumbing last year and will not go out of fashion for a long time. This is facilitated by many reasons such as:

Frameless shower doors
Frameless shower doors
The first reason is the use of glass. This high-strength material is considered the most reliable among all. Due to its high resistance to various temperatures, it is excellent for shower doors. And also this material will not spoil the design of the bathroom. After all, glass is the only material that can harmoniously get along with both metal and wood, ceramic tiles or natural stone.
Frameless shower doors
Frameless shower doors

The second reason is saving space. If you already have a large bathroom, then such glass doors are perfect for your shower. Glass visually expands the space and the room will seem more spacious and free. Depending on the size and characteristics of the bathroom, the shower can be purchased not only with the traditional device of the doors, but also with a sliding mechanism. The last option is optimal for small bathrooms, where all interior items are located very close to each other.

The third reason is the decoration of the bathroom interior. Due to the framelessness of the door look very stylish. They are easy to fit into any design. Thanks to modern technologies, you can choose any design for your doors: transparent, frosted, with a sandblast pattern applied on its surface of any complexity. In addition, you can choose from those presented in the store or place an order for a shower cabin with embossed glass.

Here are a few reasons why frameless glass shower doors are becoming a big trend every day. We advise you not to pass by such stylish interior details. Such a choice will not make you feel sorry!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Today’s hottest shower door trends

The shower stall is the place where we start our day and end it.  Therefore, it is important in what conditions you take your shower.  Glass shower doors have become a big trend in their field.  Now every shower is dominated by such an element.  Based on this, we picked up the hot trends of shower doors this year.

glass door
glass door
 The first trend is a combination of transparent glass doors with the same walls of the shower.  Sometimes beauty is in simplicity.  This design is very comfortable and stylish, especially for small bathrooms.  Visually, the shower stall does not take up much space due to the door material, that is, clear glass.

 The second trend is the drawings on the glass.  If you still want to paint in your bathroom, then this idea is for you.  You can choose any pattern that decorate your shower door.  In general, there is where to play your fantasy.

 The third trend is the new shape of the glass door.  Glass is a material with which you can experiment and it will not let you down in quality and strength.  Choosing a convex shape of the door you will expand the space in the shower and make the interior of the bathroom even more stylish.  This form will not give you any inconvenience, but will only please you in future use.

glass door
glass door
 The fourth trend is the highlight.  What could be cooler when you take a shower with a multi-colored lights.  Changing the colors around the shower door will help you relax even more and enjoy the shower.  This is a great solution for a design that will become modern and incredible.

 Thanks to these trends, you will breathe new life into your bathroom and it will play a new way.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ordering a glass shower door

A shower is a place where you can relax after a hard day’s work, have a good rest, literally wash off fatigue. That’s why the shower place has to be comfortable. Every detail matters, including shower doors. Glass shower doors became very popular recently. Such a door is not made of ordinary glass, but of tempered glass, of course.
Shower doors differ in many ways, so first, you need to decide which construction will be optimal. You will have to choose from the following parameters:
The possibility of fastening to a concrete or brick wall, walls from plasterboard.
Can be fixed to the ceiling - concrete, plasterboard, or suspended.
The presence of a large gap between the edge of the door and the ceiling.
Fastening the door to the wall or partition (to its stationary part). As a rule, the stationary part of the partition must be not less than 300 mm in width.
The location of the loops, left or right.

The need for seals for gaps near the hinges (splashes can penetrate through the gaps beyond the shower cabin).
The organization of the flow of water - the presence of a curb, the slope of the floor in the direction of the flow, a recess in the floor.
It is worth remembering that even in the presence of seals it is impossible to gather water into the shower cabin, stopping the flow of water. Partitions are designed only for sprays, and not for the retention of water masses.

The tempered glass is one of the most demanded materials in the construction sphere today. And not without reason, because it has many positive qualities. The technology of tempering glass is very simple: glass is heated to 600-700 ° C degrees, and then quickly evenly cooled. After this, the glass acquires greater strength, it becomes almost impossible to break it.
Giovani Glass guarantees you will receive the qualitative product made in strict accordance with your representations.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Home glass shower: proper operation and maintenance

A glass shower cabin is a great alternative to a bathtub in conditions of lack of space or, on the contrary, an excellent addition to it, if there is a lot of space. The glass shower brings only joy and delivers as little trouble as possible, but it is important to know a few basic rules for its maintenance at home.
The main issue of operating a home glass shower is, of course, to provide protection against leakage. In order for such protection to be as high as possible, first of all, it is necessary to use a special transparent silicone sealant between the glass and the floor or the shower tray: it will reliably protect the joint from water leakage and help keep the floor outside the cabin dry and clean.

The second important point in this matter is the proper use of shower equipment. For example, you should not intentionally direct water jets directly to the walls and doors of the shower cabin, because even if there are special seals in the cabin, the cabin is not 100% tight at the attachment points for hinges and other fittings, and water that has got here can leak out.
Finally, another important nuance of protecting the glass shower from leaking is a timely replacement of consumables, because water can flow out of the cabin through a worn sealer, a "leaky" layer of sealant or "loose" loops.

If all precautions to protect the cabin from leakage are taken, it will work properly. For example, the main measures for the care of a home glass shower cabin include only regular cleaning of glass and accessories from hygiene, lime deposits or other contaminants.
But you should not use abrasive cleansers.
When properly handled, the glass shower will work extremely long, delighting with the brilliance of transparent faces and the shine of metal elements. It remains only to choose the right cabin for your bathroom and find a reliable manufacturer.

Giovani Glass offers services for the design, manufacture, and installation of glass showers and shower doors for both private households and for various hotels, sports clubs, spas, etc.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


The glass itself is a very beautiful and unusual material. Therefore, even the most simple glass doors for a shower will be much more practical and more attractive than plastic, wood or metal. Usability can be assessed by the design of glass showers, the practicality of glass is difficult to overestimate

• Mineral glass, even after a hundred years, will retain its original shape and transparency. Shower doors on a polymer base, plastic or wooden, due to hot water and regular use of detergents are deformed and become unusable;
• Due to technological features, the shower room is always settled in a separate space, the glass door allows you to add daylight, thereby eliminating unsafe lamps in a humid environment;
• A flat glass door surface provides high protection against splashes. Curtain or screen of translucent polyethylene can hardly cope with this task.

IMPORTANT! The glass door is an absolutely inert material, pathogenic microflora cannot live on its surface. Even if you use sanitary products daily, there will not be any noticeable change in the appearance of the glass door after a couple of years.
The glass has its drawbacks. Transparent glass door designs are an excellent indicator of cleanliness and order in the shower. Drops of hot water and condensate film, drying out, leave traces on a transparent surface. Any water in the water pipeline carries a certain amount of dissolved salts, leaving marks on the glass. Therefore, a completely transparent glass door to the shower will require treatment with special compounds that prevent wetting and sticking of water droplets to the glass.
Sometimes the surface of the glass is sealed with an anti-wetting polymer film, which guarantees a long-lasting purity effect for several months. In addition, it is believed that the film increases the level of safety of handling glass, when breaking the glass surface there will be no sharp fragments.

Giovani Glass will satisfy the most sophisticated taste. We will produce a shower glass door of your dream.