Monday, February 18, 2019

Features of glass shower doors installation and the choice of accessories

A swing mechanism requires a very simple installation. The main thing is - not to tighten screws severely as this can lead to cracks. The installation of sliding doors is more complicated and includes several stages:
installation of a roller mechanism at the top;
installation of lower rollers;
installation of the sealant along the perimeter of the door;
installation of doors on rollers;
installation of restraints at the bottom and stoppers of the roller mechanism.

Before installing doors on rollers, you need to check their integrity and quality of sealants. Neglect can lead to water leakage and vapor penetration into the room. Typically, sealants serve properly for a year, then they lose elasticity and get covered with cracks.
The choice of accessories is a final, but equally important step in installing a glass door for a bath or shower. One of the main elements is the loop. They must correspond to the intended load, be made of durable metal and covered with anti-corrosion agent. In this respect, chrome, brass, nickel, bronze and steel hinges are suitable.

The choice of shower door handles is quite diverse. They may look like handles-staples, handle - knobs or handle-plates. Door handles can be simple or patterned. They are installed only on the outside or on both sides, fastened with screws with special rubber washers.
Angled, linear and high-rise connectors give the shower cabin an attractive look and provide tight joints. The size of the connector angle corresponds to the corners of the construction. This value can be equal to a 90 ° straight angle or be of a higher value.