Monday, February 25, 2019

The advantages of interior glass doors

1. Aesthetics.
During repair, there comes a stage when it is necessary to buy interior doors but choosing the appropriate option is not so easy. There are lots of standard models in stores that do not perform any aesthetic functions. But the glass doors are known for their spectacular appearance, and the huge possibilities in terms of decor will allow you to realize the most creative solutions.

2.  Effective zoning.
Look at the photo of interior doors made of glass: they seem so light, airy, weightless. Visual expansion of the space is one of the most important advantages of such doors. They do not provide successful zoning, but do it as efficiently as possible, expanding it.
3. Reliability.
Although the glass doors look fragile, they are made of laminated tempered glass. They are not afraid of any children's ball games, pets, or impacts. Even in rare cases, when the door is broken it falls apart into rounded fragments. They are not harmful to your health.
4. Durability.
The doors are resistant to physical stress, humidity, a sharp temperature drop. 
5. Easy of care.
Armed with any means for cleaning glass and a soft cloth, you will return the doors to their original look in a minute. Fingerprints and other contaminants will be removed with one hand movement.

6. Environmental friendliness.
The glass is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material. Therefore, glass doors can be installed in children's rooms, saunas, bathrooms, beauty treatments, and medical centers.
Some other advantages of interior glass doors:

• Visual lightness in the interior
• Better illumination of both rooms
• Easy care
• Excellent inconspicuous noise insulation
• Durable and reliable.
Today, technologies allow decorating doors as you wish. Even by simple sandblasting designers of Giovani Glass can create a variety of amazing and organic designs, from the most classic to high- tech options.