Sunday, March 10, 2019


The glass itself is a very beautiful and unusual material. Therefore, even the most simple glass doors for a shower will be much more practical and more attractive than plastic, wood or metal. Usability can be assessed by the design of glass showers, the practicality of glass is difficult to overestimate

• Mineral glass, even after a hundred years, will retain its original shape and transparency. Shower doors on a polymer base, plastic or wooden, due to hot water and regular use of detergents are deformed and become unusable;
• Due to technological features, the shower room is always settled in a separate space, the glass door allows you to add daylight, thereby eliminating unsafe lamps in a humid environment;
• A flat glass door surface provides high protection against splashes. Curtain or screen of translucent polyethylene can hardly cope with this task.

IMPORTANT! The glass door is an absolutely inert material, pathogenic microflora cannot live on its surface. Even if you use sanitary products daily, there will not be any noticeable change in the appearance of the glass door after a couple of years.
The glass has its drawbacks. Transparent glass door designs are an excellent indicator of cleanliness and order in the shower. Drops of hot water and condensate film, drying out, leave traces on a transparent surface. Any water in the water pipeline carries a certain amount of dissolved salts, leaving marks on the glass. Therefore, a completely transparent glass door to the shower will require treatment with special compounds that prevent wetting and sticking of water droplets to the glass.
Sometimes the surface of the glass is sealed with an anti-wetting polymer film, which guarantees a long-lasting purity effect for several months. In addition, it is believed that the film increases the level of safety of handling glass, when breaking the glass surface there will be no sharp fragments.

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